May, 2018

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12may10:00 am2:00 pmEnter the Garden of EdenExplore the 7 Elements of Art with Claire Sheppard10:00 am - 2:00 pm Event Type :Make


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Until 7 July

Do you have an interest in learning the basics of drawing, painting and design or would you like to refresh or improve your understanding on the 7 ELEMENTS of ART?

These workshops are designed for anyone who thinks they cant but want to learn the basics of drawing, painting and design, irrelevant of your talent, technical skill, or ability. These workshops will give you the confidence and practical knowledge on how to develop your own style and reach your own creative goals

Each 4 hr workshop will be held on Saturday mornings (10am – 2pm) at a cost of $25 per workshop, or a discounted rate of $164.50 for all 7 workshops

Workshop # 1: LINE
10am – 2 pm, Sat 12 May
This first workshop is about learning about the most fundamental mark making element – LINE. What “line” means and how it can be used in its most simple form or expanded upon to create both simple and complex drawings, compostions and even sculpture. Line is the beginning and is then used in each and every other element of the art making process.

Workshop # 2: SHAPE
10am – 2 pm, Sat 19 May
This first workshop is about learning about the next element in making and appreciating art – SHAPE. You will be taught how to recognise shape in everything we see around us, even the most complex objects or life forms. You will discover how shape is found in the microscopic to the macroscopic points of view and learn how nature is just filled to overflowing with material for inspiration that allows our imaginations to flourish and grow.

Workshop # 3: SPACE
10am – 2 pm, Sat 26 May
In this workshop we will learn about the need to understand SPACE in our art making practice and the relationships that SPACES have with each other. We will discover and learn and understand how in-between SPACE, SPACE maximised or minimised, negative SPACE,positive SPACE all go into creating impacts in our work that can make an object pop or be something pretty ordinary, either of which or both of which may be the intention of the artist to produce in their work. Understanding how to do that is an important and necessary part of the process in making the art you want to make.

Workshop # 4: VALUE
10am – 2 pm, Sat 7 June
This workshop will clarify and give you a clear understanding of the importance in knowing what VALUE means in art making and how dramatically it can enhance or detract from your work. VALUE helps to define forms, create spatial illusions, separate, bring together, create texture and an understanding on how to do these things in the VALUE -making process is another fundamental skill and tool needed in making art that brings you a sense of true satisfaction and fullfillment both to yourself and the viewer looking at your work.

Workshop # 5: FORM
10am – 2 pm, Sat 9 June
This workshop will help us to understand the term FORM which is something we experience all around us all the time – the 5th element in both art making and art appreciation. FORM can mean various things in art and in this workshop we will explore this. The 3 dimensional object in space, meaning where, FORM will bring a more lifelike realism to our work, the analytical FORM in applying a formal analysis of a work of art which describes how the elements and principles of art work together independent of their meaning and the feelings or thoughts that they may evoke in the viewer, and lastly how FORM is used to describe the physical nature of the artwork, along with where it might sit in its style and genre of art.

Workshop # 6: TEXTURE
10am – 2 pm, Sat 30 June
This workshop is about TEXTURE and the fun and joy we can find in playing with, discovering and achieving our goals in creating art work that gives us the layers of texture that we might need to create in our drawings and paintings. From soft silky chiffon to a stiff heavy denim, both fabric yet texturallly so different. From a single droplet to a raging river in flood, both water and yet very different visuals, both needing different approaches in our drawing or painting of them. Using all the elements of art that we have already covered, this workshop will bring them together in a way will give us an even greater satisfaction making the work that we want to achieve.

Workshop # 7: COLOUR
10am – 2 pm, Sat 7 July
COLOUR – Although in all our workshops we will be using colour in our practice of all the other ELEMENTS of ART – this one will focus on what we “think” we see in the colour that we are looking at as opposed to what the colour ‘really’ is. It will bring another dimension to your understanding of how you then approach your colour mixing and art work. Skin tones, nature, objects, light and shadow will all be covered in this workshop in bringing to light the true nature of colour in our lives. This is a workshop that will change the way you observe things, people and places when considering drawing and/or painting them and will give you greater confidence to not only play and experiment in creating your work but also to approach your work without fear of getting it wrong and appreciating your work for its unique and individual style.


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